OPCE Challenge Course Enhances Leadership Development

untitled-1University Outreach’s Office of Professional and Continuing Education (OPCE) is challenging individuals to develop their leadership skills – literally. OPCE’s Auburn University Challenge Course, an outdoor facility of arboreal structures and other man-made obstacles, provides professional, student and community groups with exercises designed to enhance communication, team building, cooperation, leadership development and trust building. The course, originally administered by the College of Agriculture, is located in north Auburn. OPCE now administers the course as part of its overall program of professional and leadership training opportunities.

Programs are developed based on the needs and objectives of each group. The course is comprised of a variety of “low” challenge elements such as walls, barriers, string webs and other on-the-ground obstacles, and “high” elements such as cat walks, rope bridges and zip lines. The challenges allow individuals and team groups to work outside of their comfort zone to accomplish team objectives and bond with teammates.

For information about programs and scheduling, contact auchlg@auburn.edu or call 334-844-5100 for more information.