Auburn University Office of Professional and Continuing Education

OPCE Global Leadership Training Initiative Provides Training Opportunities for Alabama’s Growing Automotive Industry


The Global Leadership Training Initiative (GLTI) in Auburn University Outreach’s Office of Professional and Continuing Education (OPCE) is developing supervisory skill leadership training for team leaders and supervisors in the automotive industry along the I-85 Corridor. Anchored by Korean automotive manufacturers Hyundai in Montgomery and Kia in West Point, Georgia, the region along Alabama’s I-85 is home to more than 30 Korean automotive suppliers and even more related product suppliers throughout the area.
The initiative has completed or scheduled a variety of training programs with a growing list of companies including Hyundai Powertech, Mando USA, Hanwha Advanced Materials, Guyoung Tech, Hanon Systems Alabama, Daewon USA, Rausch and Pausch (RAPA), Ajin/Wooshin USA, SL Alabama, Sejin America and Seohan Auto USA. The initiative is also contracted with Korea Institute of Technology (KITECH) for consulting projects. In April, the initiative hosted the second annual Korea US Automotive Manufacturing Technology Workshop, along with partners KITECH,Hyundai and Trenholm State.

In October, GLTI in partnership with KITECH launched the US Hi-Tech Industry Tour Series for Korean Automotive Executives with an inaugural tour of the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility, Alabama State Port Authority and Mobile Airport Authority, in Mobile, Alabama. This tour series was initiated to introduce top managers and executives in Korean Automotive manufacturers US Hi-Tech industries potentially related with their current business.  We hope this tour series will contribute to widen their experience and also to deepen their understandings of US industries, which finally helps foster more business expansion in US.  The tour concluded with a reception featuring remarks by Mobile City Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Alabama state senator Bill Hightower.  15 Korean CEOs from Hyundai/Kia suppliers were joined this tour.

The OPCE Global Leadership Initiative is led by Korean native Daniel Yu, Ph.D. With degrees in chemical engineering, Yu was a president and CEO of various industries including SCA and Hanwha North America for 11 years prior to joining OPCE.

For more information about the Global Leadership Initiative and other Korea US automotive training opportunities, contact Daniel Yu at the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at Auburn University, or 334-844-3107.

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