University Outreach, OPCE establish Korea Corner at Auburn University

Korea Corner ribbon cuttingThe opening ceremony for Korea Corner, an educational-cultural resource center, was held March 28 in 2235 Haley Center. Korea Corner was established thanks to the support from the Consulate General of Republic of Korea in Atlanta and the Office of the Vice President for University Outreach.

The mission of the Korea Corner is to contribute to Auburn University Outreach efforts by helping meet changing needs of citizens in a global society in two ways. First it aims to increase access to a variety of materials on Korea for Auburn University students and members of the local community. In addition, for members of the Korean community, the Corner will provide assistance in creating educational experiences designed to strengthen their connection to American culture and society.  These missions will be archived by providing a wide variety of academic and cultural programs that can benefit Auburn University students, local citizens, industries and professional communities. Particularly students are encouraged to utilize the corner to access books, traditional Korean arts and crafts, digital resources, DVDs and CDs, and computers to simply learn about or conduct research on a wide range of Korea related topics such as Korean history, culture and literature. Korea Corner will accomplish its missions through workshops, lectures, seminars, educational classes and cultural programs.

Active collaboration between the Corner and varied campus and community constituents- related University units, local K-12 schools, automotive Korean companies, and local community- will be critical in expanding and enriching the activities that can be provided by the Corner in the future. “Korea Corner is expected to serve as an anchor for promoting cultural understandings between Koreans and non-Koreans and ultimately create a harmonious community climate by widening worldviews of all involved,” said Suhyun Suh, Coordinator for Korea Corner.

“We look forward to continuing to engage Auburn’s faculty, staff and students with the Korean Community through Korea Corner,” added Royrickers Cook, vice president for University Outreach.

For more information on Korea Corner or a schedule of upcoming events contact Suhyun Suh, Korea Corner Coordinator at


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